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Are you ready to heal after surviving an abusive relationship?

Are you feeling traumatised, worthless, and have no idea how to move on? Then have you come to the right place. I help women recover, regain their confidence, and never make the same mistake again. Finding and keeping someone to love in a non-toxic way is NOT impossible. But you have to be willing to do the work. And then the magic happens. If you answer yes to all three questions below I can help you heal, and find and keep someone special.

+ Are you willing to give love one more chance?
+ Are you willing to do the work to become your best self?
+ Do you believe in magic and miracles?

The first step is to heal your heart! Download the Heal your Heart in 4 Powerful Steps worksheet and start the process now.

Relationship coaching

Move from traumatised to treasured: Very few things compare to a deep and loving connection with another human being. A functional and healthy relationship is one of life's greatest gifts. But attracting the 'right' person is nearly impossible if your compassion does not start with the most important person in your life: YOU. Start the healing process today (life is short) and transform your relationships and experiences. Your soul will be forever grateful - GUARANTEED!I offer you the following (colour) options to work with me:

+ Gently heal your heart in 4 powerful steps (free worksheet)
+ Check if you are truly ready for love (free checklist)
+ Do a colour reading to assess your state of well-being
+ Join the Love in Full Colour programme and find love!

You will only attract your life partner if you have healed those parts of you that attracted an abusive partner in the first place. Download this FREE Ready for Romance checklist and discover how likely you are to find healthy love now.

colour therapy

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Hang out with women who are passionate about healing through self-awareness. We talk about our personal experiences, and how to regain confidence and happiness.


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