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Do you feel uninspired and unmotivated? 

Have you lost your love for your business?

Does it feel like an invisible force is keeping your business from growing?

I know how difficult it is to stay motivated. It is exhausting and frustrating to keep going when nothing seems to go your way, but you know this is what you're meant to be doing in this life.  

Let me help you [re]kindle your passion and prosper.



Do you battle to come up with unique ideas for opt-ins, e-mail journeys, blog topics, or new programmes? 

Is your creativity at an all-time low?

Does it feel like your creative juices have dried up?

It is tough to be creative consistently. Dreaming up unique ways to delight existing clients and attract new fans are easier said than done. Solopreneurs often suffer with creative exhaustion.

Let me help you [re]fresh your creativity to keep attracting clients.



Have you grown as a person and want to rebrand your business to reflect the new YOU? 

Do you want to build your business around your purpose, personality, strengths, and values?  

I know how wonderful it is to find your purpose and build a business that reflects the new you. But also how tough it's to incorporate your personality, values and purpose in your visual content, and explain it to your designer.  

Let me help you [re]brand the new YOU and blossom in business.

Clients I work with women entrepreneurs.

My clients are women who are life-long entrepreneurs. They build successful businesses that are aligned with their personality, purpose, strengths, and values.  


“The [Re]kindle your Love for your Business assessment showed me exactly which feelings and thoughts keep me stuck in survival mode. It has ignited my passion again and I feel motivated to make it work! ”

— Lientjie James


“A long-term creative block threatened the sustainability of my business. I completed the Un[b]lock your Creativity online programme and by the end of it, spontaneously started producing my best work ever.”

— Sandra Durand


“I met Lien while developing my Rock that Camera online courses. She gave me new insight and inspiration about how we can use colour in our lives, relationships, as well as personal and business branding. Thank you, Lien! You are not only knowledgeable, but a treat to work with too!”

— Naomi Estment

Programmes The Colour Option online programmes use the gentle power of colour to help you live your best life in business.


your love for your business

This online assessment will pinpoint exactly why you are feeling unmotivated and uninspired.

Also, which emotions, thoughts, and beliefs are draining your energy for your business.

It takes a minute to do the assessment and a day to receive your results.

The outcome will help rid you of negative emotions to [re]kindle your love for your business and make the money you deserve!  


your creativity

This 7-day online programme will help you break through your creative block and inspire you to dream up magical content. 

Whether for your own business or your clients' businesses, you will WOW them with your great ideas and imagination.  

But you must have fun first! 

It will take your mind off your challenges, [re]fresh your creative energy and help you produce your best work yet.  


your business

In 21 days, you will discover what your SOUL colours are and how to use them in your branding and business.

We will also affirm your purpose, values, and create your brand personality.  

You will walk away with a full brief (ideal clients included) to make designing your brand a breeze.

BONUS: You will become aware of behaviours that you keep from business success to reach your pot of gold.  

5 Steps to live your best life in business with colour


Choose the programme that will allow you to live your best life in business with colour:

  • [Re]kindle your love
  • [Re]fresh your creativity
  • [Re[brand your biz


Enrol for the programme that will lead you to live your best life in business with colour.

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Your first session will be delivered to your inbox in 30 minutes and you can start your living your best life in business with colour.


You will be motivated and creative, and build and grow a successful business. 

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About Me Hi, my name is Lien Potgieter and I grew up in South Africa.

I am a farm girl at heart, a wife, a mom (best job ever), a solopreneur, a colour coach, a content strategist, a book lover, astrology fan, an incurable romantic. And I have a secret…

I am crazy, yes, completely loopy about colour. However hard I try, I just cannot live surrounded by dull. A splash of colour isn’t enough – I have to slather it on in big bright pools of pleasure.

But, colour is much more than meets the eye. In fact, colour played a major role in me loving myself, and building a business that I love.

Colour has helped me to become conscious. And thanks to this journey of self-discovery, I finally attracted my soul mate at the ripe old age of 41 and I created an online business that is aligned with my soul colours and life purpose.

I want to share the joy of colour with you. I want to teach you how to meaningfully interact with these vibrational energies to help you find the bliss of loving and being loved, of un(b)locking your creativity, and of building a business that is you.



Color is a magical and fun tool to get to know yourself, and to better understand others and the world. It is a simple yet powerful way to connect with all that is. When you are color conscious, you can transform your experiences daily.



Complete this assessment and you'll know exactly what is draining your energy.

This unique and personal assessment pinpoints the negative emotions and thoughts that keep you stuck.

It also reveals your hidden gifts and talents that you are probably not using in your business yet. When you become aware of these gifts and talents you can apply them to prosper and reach greater heights!

I do these assessments personally so they are unique to you. No computer-generated report!

How to...

You will receive a document containing 18 colours.

You will choose the 7 colours that you are attracted to.

Once completed, send it back to me.

You will get your personal, unique assessment in your inbox within 48 hours.


$57.00Enrol Now


[RE]FRESH YOUR CREATIVITY and produce your best work yet.

Get super creative and amaze your clients with your magical skills!

This 7-day online programme will help you [re]fresh your creativity.

Entrepreneurs often suffer with creative exhaustion. It is essential that you [re]fuel your creative tank once in a while.

The journey will take your mind off your challenges and inspire you to tackle with [re]newed energy your business creations.

Daily Activities

Day 1: Explore red and your sense of smell, and travel virtually to a mystery destination.

Day 2: Explore orange and your sense of taste, and travel virtually to a mystery destination.

Day 3: Explore yellow and your sense of sight, and travel virtually to a mystery destination.

Day 4: Explore green and your sense of touch, and travel virtually to a mystery destination.

Day 5: Explore blue and your sense of hearing, and travel virtually to a mystery destination.

Day 6: Explore indigo and your sixth sense, and travel virtually to a mystery destination.

Day 7: Explore violet and see the big picture.

$147.00Enrol Now


[RE]BRAND YOUR BUSINESS to reflect your personality and purpose.

Upon completion of this course, you will be have a brand that is YOU and a business that thrives.

In 21 days, you will discover what your SOUL colours are and how to use them in your branding and business.

We will also affirm your purpose, values, and brand personality with the help of colour.

BONUS: You will become aware of behaviours that you keep from business success, and how to get rid of these blockages.



1: Discover your personality and your purpose colours - your SOUL colours!
2: Dig deeper into your unique soul colours and collect the key words linked to your colours.
3: Learn how to use your colours to deal with challenges in your business.
4: Create a personality board (your authentic self).
5: Create a personality board of your ideal client.
6: Identify your personal transformation and tell your brand story.
7: Integrate your colours in your business, and learn how they can support you in your business.

$249.00Enrol Now