The Colour Option is in the business of expanding awareness. The greatest gift you can give yourself is SELF-awareness; to become conscious of who you truly are, and accept your whole self – the light AND the dark, and all the colours in between!

The Colour Option assists people like you, who are on a journey of self-discovery, to NOT live an unlived life. I want to inspire you to show your true colours, and I want to support you on the way.

The Chic Rainbow Chick is the owner and creator of The Colour Option. She is a writer and colour therapist and lives in Johannesburg, South Africa – also called the Rainbow Nation.


The Chic Rainbow Chick is a Cancerian with a Moon in passionate and impulsive Aries, and an Ascendant in strict and disciplined Capricorn. Her life path number is a 22/4, which makes her a Master Builder, and her day number is a 3, which accounts for her love of colour and self-expression.

She is on a mission to bring self-awareness through colour to her country and the world. She is elegant, hip and whimsical. She loves to read, talk about spiritual stuff and spend time with like-minded friends. She also loves her home, her garden and her niece.
Her house is a little thatch cottage in the middle of the city. Her decor consists of an eclectic mix of antique furniture, retro stuff and off course lots of colour. Her “love nest” is surrounded by greenery and flowers. When she is bored, she plays the piano, go for a walk or visit the theatre. She lives a simple life.