My colour journey

Since my colour journey has begun some four years ago, I have fallen in love with colour over and over again. I just cannot get enough of its richness, its meanings, its vibrancy.

I never imagined that something so simple as colour could be so powerful. My colour awareness has had a major impact on my self awareness. I know and understand myself a whole lot better since I have started out on this path, and I am grateful to be on this adventure.


Learn about colour, learn about YOU!

When you venture into the magical world of colour, you venture into the magical world of YOU!

Colour is a wonderful tool to discover who you are, where you are in your life, and what you can do to let go of thoughts and emotions that you don’t need any more.

Colour has worked wonders for me. My self-esteem has improved, I love and nurture myself more and more, and I go with the flow. The latter is not so easy though as my inherent nature is to worry and want to control! But, I am a whole lot better

Do you want to explore the world of colour?