The (colour) look of a high frequency person

When you raise your vibration, you live a healthier, happier and more abundant life. You don’t let outside forces control your heart or mind, and you bounce back quicker after traumas and challenges.

In colour language, this is what a high frequency person looks like:

Red: You are energetic and full of life. You trust the process of life and patience becomes your friend. Your body is your temple, and you take loving care of it by doing exercise, eating healthy food and getting enough sleep.

Orange: You are courageous, spontaneous and creative. You release the emotions that you don’t need, you find creative solutions for challenges, and you are flexible.

Yellow: You are confident and fill your mind with positive thoughts. You don’t take yourself or life too seriously, and stop worrying and start living!

Green: You are compassionate, love all living creatures, you forgive, you accept, you give and receive.

Blue: Your first relationship is with yourself. You don’t critise or judge yourself, you listen to yourself, you speak your truth, you are open to the opinions of others, and you trust your own voice.

Indigo: You listen to and trust your intuition. You go within to seek answers. Instead of over-analysing, you trust your inner voice.

Violet: You live a life a gratitude. You are aware that we are all connected. You have an open connection to source/your creator.

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