The colour of food and your mood

You are what you eat. Or as we say in colour speak, the colour of your food affects your mood so choose food that corresponds with the energy you think you would need during the day.

Food is one of the most effective ways to incorporate colour into your life and diet, and benefit from its subtle but profound healing effects.

Food contains essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are needed to keep our bodies healthy. In addition, the colour of the food adds to our overall well-being. In other words, the colour energy of the food that we eat resonates with the emotional, mental or spiritual energy that we need.

Red, orange and yellow foods in the morning will increase your energy levels and activate your intellectual abilities. What looks and tastes better than a colourful bowl of fruit salad – strawberries, orange, mangos, watermelon – first thing in the morning? Notice how happy it makes you feel just thinking about it.

After a hard day’s work you want to relax. Green food will sooth and calm you,” according to Lientjie. Blue food like milk assists with insomnia and calms the mind.

So what colour do you need to eat?

If you need more passion and motivation, eat red food. Cherries, red apples, strawberries and tomatoes are regarded as red food. Not grounded (a red challenge)? Eat brown rice, lentils or potatoes.

Orange food will balance your emotions. Oranges, pumpkin, peaches and grains will also stimulate your intellect.

For positive thoughts and for added concentration eat yellow food like bananas, yellow peppers, bread and cheese.

To lower your blood pressure and balance your emotions, green grapes, spinach, celery, avocados and apples will do the trick.

And then there is always an exception to the rule: There are not really blue food in nature, but milk, fish and honey are considered blue and calm the mind, relief pain and help with throat infections.

Plums, aubergines, beetroot and black grapes help with intuition and relaxation, and are considered indigo foods.

Violet foods gives stamina and promotes a sense of peace. Try broccoli, olives and currants.

Use colour in your daily diet to activate, stimulate or relax your energies!

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