What is the colour of your personality?

If I were a colour I would be GREEN.

I am neither an introvert nor an extrovert. Balance and harmony are the key words when it comes to life in general and relationships.

I am curious and compassionate by nature, and love to learn new things. On the dark side, I tend to be overcautious and don’t always follow my heart.

The colour that you are most attracted to in the long run is called your colour identity.

What is your colour identity?

If you are full of energy, passionate and physically active you are a RED person. Outgoing, motivated and determined are words used to describe you. The other side is that RED people tend to be stubborn and may have a short temper.

If you would describe yourself as practical and spontaneous you are ORANGE. You are creative and enjoy being in a job that requires you to be active. But you stress too much.

Sunny, warm and an inspiration to others would make you a YELLOW. You think a lot and often have a scientific mind. Remember to eat healthily because you tend to forget about food.

BLUE people are gentle and peaceful. They are introverts and don’t like conflict, and they are good listeners. Others feel comfortable in their space and they are a good judge of character. Be careful not to isolate yourself, and remember to communicate your needs.

Connected to your intuition? Then you are an INDIGO person. You need tranquil surroundings and love to be surrounded by beauty. People would describe you as loyal and discerning. You are not always right though. Asking questions will help to rectify wrong perceptions.

Sensitive and easily hurt? Like to be surrounded by caring, compassionate people? Then you are VIOLET. You are also artistic and highly intuitive. You are also into spiritual things. Just take care not to get affected to other people’s energies.

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