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3 Awesome reasons to speak colour

Why in heaven’s name would any earthling want to learn to speak colour? To me, it is pretty (pink) obvious: Colour creates a feeling. It evokes an emotional response to you, to your clothing, to your brand, to your business, to your artwork, to your home, to your creations.

It is a universal and subconscious language that affects and influences – as simple as that. (And you don’t have to be an elemental type to be interested in colour. You can just be a normal human being.)

Here’s my 3 awesome reasons to learn to speak colour:
1. You can plan and approach your design theme around the outcome that you desire or the feeling message that you want to create and convey. This applies to artists, graphic designers, architects, landscapers, fashion designers, home decorators and designers, and florists.

2. You will know how to interpret the feeling that you get from a place, a person or a brand.

3. You will be able to identify the life lessons that you are busy with.

So, be brave and feed your curiosity! Learn how to connect with your personal feelings about colour, as well as the hidden and universal meanings of 13 colours.

Write to [email protected] and sign up for the Learn to speak Color in 7 days online course! You will never be the same.

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