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Choose colors for coloring in consciously

Work with blue when you need calmness.

Coloring in books for adults are all the rage at the moment. Apart from unlocking creativity and helping us to open up our imagination, it releases stress and tension, helps us to stay focussed and keep us grounded.

Magically, it goes even deeper than that. Consciously choosing the colors that you use for coloring in can help you heal on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. The Ancients knew this to be true (that colors can heal) when they built temples of color and light, and invited the sick, and the down and out to bask in its healing power.

Thanks to the Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle we know that the colors of the rainbow and the various shades and tints all have a different frequency. And as we as humans are basically an energy system, the vibration of various colors affects our body, heart, mind and soul.

So, when you expose yourself to specific colors – whether by eating, wearing or using it to color in - you can stimulate certain feelings, thoughts and beliefs or you can get rid of outdated (whether you are aware of them or not) habits or thought patterns.

Have you noticed how you much “lighter” you feel after a coloring in session?

So, if you know what your struggles are, choose the colors for coloring in consciously. Whether you have a hard time making a decision, finding the confidence to do that public speaking event, speaking up for what you believe in, or putting yourself out there in the dating game, color can help you get rid of that block.

Here is a guide of the colors that you can work with to assist you in cultivating your strengths or releasing the stuff that hold you back.


Work with red to eliminate negative thoughts. We often get stuck in the way we think without even realising it. When you use red to colour in it helps to get the energy or thought processes moving! Just make sure you channel your thoughts in a constructive direction.

On a physical level, red is great for physical exhaustion. It re-energises and revitalises.


Lack motivation? Then orange is the colour for you. It assists in making decisions when you don’t know which way to go. It gives your confidence a boost and makes you feel secure. Because it makes you more sociable and outgoing, your close relationships will improve. If you have had a shock or heard bad news work with orange.

Give your immune system a boost with orange, and use it if you have bladder problems.


If you find it hard to concentrate, or your memory is poor work with yellow. It also helps to relieve nervousness and fearfulness. Yellow stimulates mental abilities, good ideas and clear thinking. Yellow makes you feel happy and good about yourself!

Poor digestion? Get your yellow on!


Do you feel restricted? Or are you suffering from emotional stress? Then green is the colour for you. It is restful, eliminates tension, anger and impatience, and creates stability. It promotes positive feelings, compassion and sensitivity. If you find it difficult to give to yourself of others green will do the trick. And if your heart is not in your work and you want to get connected again, try green.

Breathing and heart problems can be alleviated with green.


Constantly overreacting? Or do you have to spend time with people who drain your energy? Then blue will help you to feel calm and keep a safe distance. Blue is the colour of communication. So, when you cannot speak up for yourself or has a speech impediment, fill your pages with blue.

A stiff neck, tension headaches and ear, nose or throat problems can be treated with blue.


Negative? Critical? Distrustful? Dark blue or indigo enables you to find peace, fulfilment and joy inside yourself. If you feel uncertain about a new situation, take up the indigo pen, pencil or paint. It is also great for cultivating and trusting your intuition.

If you feel restless or sad, give indigo a go.


Feeling guilty, worried or inadequate? Or do you tend to be judgmental? Violet assists in seeing the bigger picture. It helps to develop one’s spirituality. It helps restore faith in humanity and the divine. It is also great for getting in touch with your dreams and using your imagination.

Violet is awesome for insomnia, nightmares and migraines.

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