Dark side… don’t let it scare you

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Dark side… don’t let it scare you

“We all have a dark side,” I heard once.

Impossible. Not me. I am a good girl. Always polite and kind and quiet and conforming.

The idea of me having a side that was not so pretty was scary, so I ignored it and lived the ‘good’ life.

Until one day I came to the realisation that I do have a dark side, but that it is nothing to be afraid of. Duality is the name of the game, and without it we would never be able to grow and appreciate the light.

And dark side is nothing sinister or bad or ‘dark’. Your dark side could be that you are jealous. Once you acknowledge your ‘dark’ side, you bring it to the surface and it loses its hold on you.

So, let it all out!

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