Hi, my name is Lien Potgieter and I grew up in rural South Africa – Bloemfontein in the Free State to be exact. 

I guess I am a farm girl at heart. I am a wife, a mom (best job ever), a book-lover, astrology fan, an incurable romantic and I have a secret…

I am crazy, yes, completely loopy about colour. However hard I try, I just cannot live surrounded by dull. A splash of colour isn’t enough – I have to slather it on in big bright pools of pleasure.

I have conquered many of the “difficult” demons, both the ones that reside in me as well as the ones I have encountered on my way through life. Colour played a major role in me finding and loving myself.

Colour is much more than meets the eye. It is a vibrational frequency that you can use to change things for the better and I want to share with you how to go about doing this.

I invite you on a journey with me. I want to share the joy of colour with you. I want to teach you how to meaningfully interact with these vibrational energies to help you on your way to find the bliss of loving and being loved.